Hog weed can severely burn your skin please call the city of Delta for safe removal.

Horse Tail

​Knot Weed

​Giant Hog Weed


The real key to a nice garden is to plan ahead. Larger shrubs and evergreen plants should remain somewhat in the background and your perennial flowers should be in the foreground providing something new and exciting every month. Keep in mind the light requirements as well as height and size of each plant when planting. It's easy to let your garden get the best of you especially if it has been neglected. After flowering, certain weeds can spread thousands of seeds into your garden while others just creep through the soil and invade into the roots of other plants. It is very important to maintain things before they get out of hand otherwise you will find yourself spending more time on a more frequent basis in the garden. Watch out for horse tail, knot weed and the infamous giant hog weed. which seems to be spreading throughout Delta. We have a lot of experience with various gardens and would be glad to help you with your needs whether it be creating, maintaining or simplifying your garden to be manageable.